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674 km2
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10°C - 30°C
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July to September

Rohet Garh is a historical village located near the town of Jodhpur in the semi-desert region of Rajasthan. The Rohet countryside is marked by the arid plains and the vegetation mainly includes bushes and thorn trees. Rohetgarh was awarded to Thakur Dalpat Singh I for his excellent contribution in the military campaigns under the Rathores. Rohet became one of the most important Jagirs (fiefdoms) of the state of Marwar. Founded in 1622, this beautiful property is still in the hands of the descendants of Thakur Dalpat Singh who also live in a part of the property and take care of each guest personally. The generations of valiant nobles have built this heritage house where, despite the breakthroughs of modernity, aristocratic values are respected.

Even in the state of Rajasthan known for its royal, historical and luxury destinations, Rohetgarh is positioned a class apart. Initially a fortified mansion, Rohet castle has been converted into a heritage hotel. It has only 34 rooms at maximum luxury, adding to the feel of the holiday in the company and hospitality of the close relatives of the erstwhile nobles, living in a part of the precinct. The thirty-four rooms in Rohetgarh are luxuriously appointed. Each room has a different vantage point. The rooms have frescoes that differentiate them.

Rohetgarh also has a desert field with six fancy camps, sitting atop a comfortable sand dune. The attached bathrooms in the camps make it absolutely special with hot and cold water, toilets and proper wash basins. Sit back, enjoy the sun and sunbathe or watch the stars in a quiet night.

Things to do in Rohet

Rohet is famous for safaris in the village, which acquaints guests to local cultures and traditions. The guests are taken to the homes of the local people and received with traditional warmth and affection. Guests interact with diverse communities living in the area and share and understand their worlds. Bishnois, Raikas, Paliwals and Meghwas are prominent communities. Bhishnois, nature protectors for five centuries and arguably the world's first ecologists, are responsible for species survival such as the black male antelope. The semi-nomadic Raika shepherds of Marwar whose crimson red and brilliant costumes give competition to modern day fashion designers. The Paliwals are traditional farmers and the Meghwals are weavers. The guests witness traditional folk ceremonies meaning friendship and fraternity and see village craftsmen at work creating leather goods, pottery and woven handicrafts.

Rohet is a popular destination to observe faunal diversity. It is home to three species of antelope the Chinkara, the blue bull and the black deer. Rohet is also a perfect place for bird watchers with up to two hundred domestic and migratory species.In addition to offering a relaxing holiday in a peaceful environment, Rohetgarh has excellent facilities for horse riding on its excellent Marwar horses. Jeep safaris, camel rides and horse rides in the desert and tribal areas are organized.

When to visit Rohet?

The best time to visit Rohet is between October and March. It is the winter season in northern India during this time and the weather remains very nice. The average temperature will be between 10 and 25 degrees centigrade. The summers are very hot in this part of Rajasthan.

Top Things to Do in Rohetgarh

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