Harihara Temple Osian

Harihara Temple Osian
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Harihara Temple Osian, Udaipur, Rajasthan

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Open on all days 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM

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30 Min.

Famous for:

Religious practices, rituals, history, architecture & enchanting carvings

There are several Harihara Temples in Osian. The three early temples at Osian, built in the eighth century AD, were dedicated to Harihara, the half Vishnu and half Shiva combining the dual aspects of life giver and annihilator. These temples were constructed during the reign of the Gurjar Pratihar. The main Harihara Temple was built in the ninth century. It is a worth visiting temple at Osian. The most attractive feature of this temple is admirably carved ‘mandap’. Adjoining the temple is located a Ganesh Pillar and ‘baori’. Some other temples worth mentioning are the temples of Harihara III, IV and V. All of these temples are west facing with decorated walls. Two of these temples are of the Panchayatan (पंचायतन) class, standing on a high terrace. Their shikhar (शिखर) are crowned with the amalak (आमलक). In the temples are placed the images of Harihara and Vishnu. On the walls of these three temples have been depicted the exploits of Krishna, such as the story of his birth, the flight to Vrindavana, the destruction of Putana and Gorvardhan Girdhari etc.

The ancient most and attractive temple is the Harihara I Temple. The central chapel sits on a terrace surrounded by four smaller chapels. This temple architecture and design is called a panchayatan temple wherein the central shrine is surrounded by four others. Harihara III temple, built a few years after Harihara I, is known for the decorated walls. The architecture of the interiors of this temple is very impressive. There are also some sculptures that show Lord Krishna and Radha in the dance postures.

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