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Babul Nath Temple, 16 Babulnath Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Everyday-5:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Approx 1 hrs




Nagar style of temple architecture

Babul Nath Temple in Mumbai has special place among the Hindu faithful. Mumbai, the city of dreams, nestles rich cultural, historical and architectural legacy in the form of ancient temples. Many of these temples are associated with a great share of stories from the past. Those stories now stand in the city in the form of buildings and temples. These stories help one to look at the world a little differently. A very interesting story is related with famous Babul Nath Temple, located in south Mumbai. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Babul Nath Temple, one of the famous heritage sites in the city, is one of the oldest Hindu temples. Among all festivals, it is ‘Mahashivratri’ that is celebrated with lot of religious fervor and gusto. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped with inner piousness on the night before ‘amavasya’, the day of darkness.

As the story goes, 300 years ago, a rich goldsmith known by the name Pandurang owned a large part of the land which is now called Malabar Hill. Often his cattle would graze there & those were looked after by a cowherd called Babul. The cows were known for giving plenty of milk, for those were grazing really fresh grass on this piece of land. One day, one of the cows, called Kapila, didn’t give any milk. It raised Pandurang’s eyebrows and simultaneously arose many questions. Next day, Babul kept following Kapila and observed a quite strange phenomenon. The cow had been going to a particular place in the evening to pour all her milk there. Babul informed Pandurang. Next day, Pandurang along with Babul followed Kapila and saw the cow’s strange behavior. Pandurang was amazed and ordered to have the place dug. A large and beautiful Shiv-ling, carved in black stone, got surfaced. The Shiva-ling is believed to be the ‘nirakar’ representation of Lord Shiva. Along with the Shiva-ling, idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman & Goddess Parvati were also found. The present temple is built and the Shiv-ling is established on the same place where almost three centuries ago Lord Shiva had manifested Himself in the form of Shiv-ling. The same ‘Shiva-ling’ is honoured and worshipped by people from all around. The temple has been christened after the name of the cowherd Babul. Thus, the temple took the name Babul Nath. Many scholars suggest that the name of the temple, located 1000 ft above sea level, has been kept after Babul tree, a type of acacia tree native to India. The temple is reached by climbing 110 stairs.

It is also believed that these idols existed long before, around the 12th century. As per historical records, the first temple was built by Hindu king Bhimdev. When the ancient temple was destroyed by intolerant and barbaric Muslim invaders, these idols remained buried there until, in 18th century, Babul and Pandurang dug the site and excavated them. A temple was built there in 1780 AD. Later, when it was rebuilt in 18th century, the Gopuram of the temple used to be the tallest tower in the city. As per recent historical records, the present temple was erected near the land belonging to the Parsi community. The Parsis resisted its construction as being close to one of the five Dakhmas. The dispute went into the court, continued till 1800 AD and the judgment came into the favour of the Hindus. The present temple structure dates back to 1890 AD.

The Babulnath Temple, one of the most iconic temples in Mumbai, is an architectural delight, with beautifully carved pillars. The pillars and ceiling of the temple are in sync with the traditional and classical Hindu temple architecture. Beautiful and intricate structures, constructed of limestone and marble, lend the temple elegance and tranquil ambience.

People visit Babul Nath temple from all over for its peace and calmness. Its sheer beauty reminds one of Mount Kailash, the eternal home of Lord Shiva.

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