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July to September

The village of Luni is located 35 km south of Jodhpur, along the banks of the Luni River. The village is known for the historic Chanwa Castle. Granted as a jagir, or a principality, at the end of the 19th century at Kaviraj Muraridanji, who built Fort Chanwa, the land returned to the Jodhpur, only to be subsequently granted as a jagir to Dalip Singh ji, most Young son of Maharadja Umaid Singh. After independence, the fort fell into disarray. It was only in the early 1990s that extensive renovation and restoration were carried out and Fort Chanwa became a heritage hotel.

Fort Chanwa, Luni is an outstanding example of Indian architecture, carved from the famous red sandstone of Jodhpur. This fort is considered an architectural masterpiece. It has beautifully designed the complex of courtyards, towers, norias, passages and panoramic roofs.

The history of Luni

Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, the ruler of Jodhpur, Marwar (1876-1895 AD) is remembered as a benevolent monarch who led the administration and economy of the state from the chaos and instability to a period of sustainable development, security and justice for everyone. Among the officials in the coterie of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II was young Charan, known in the history later by the name of Kaviraj Muraridanji. He was a sharp politician and a foresightful administrator. In 1894 AD Kaviraj Muraridanji received in Jagir the small hamlet known as Chanwa. There he built an exquisite haveli, little fortified, now known as Fort Chanwa. In 1941 AD, however, the village of Chanwa became "Khalsa" (state-owned) as, ironically, Muraridanji was the victim of a law presented by him in the best interests of Marwar. The states with feudals, either without male successor or without a recognized adoption in the lifetime of deceased Jagirdar, were automatically to be taken over by the state after his death. In the year 1948 AD, Chanwa was granted in "Jagir" to Maharaj Dalip Singh, the youngest son of Maharadja Umaid Singh. However, over the years, the fortress sank in neglect and decrepitude. In 1992 AD, inspired by a wave of successful restorations of forts and palaces into heritage properties and encouraged by tourism traffic in Western Rajasthan, Maharaj Dalip Singh, the 24th generation of direct descent of Rao Jodha, the leader and founder of Jodhpur in the 15th century decided to throw open the doors of Chanwa to those new 'invaders’. Today Fort Chanwa restored to its original glory & charm by its proud owners Maharaj Dalip Singh and Madhu Rani Devi. Visitors from across the globe and from distant countries stay here to receive best princely and traditional hospitality in an enchanting setting.

Things to do in Luni

During your trip to Luni you can plan a safari to the country to explore the traditional villages of the Bishnoi community. This community is known for its harmonious relationship with nature. They always live a traditional life and perform most of their rituals. The traditions are unchanged.

When to visit Luni?

The climate in Luni is semi-desert. The best time to see the fort and countryside is between October and March, when the weather is quite pleasant.

Top Things to Do in Luni

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