Chhota Imambara Lucknow

Chhota Imambara Lucknow
Vital Information for Visitors

Chhota Imambara, Husanabad Rd,Daulatganj, Lucknow, U.P.

Open & Close:

Open on all days
06:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees:

Indian – INR 25 pp
Foreigner – INR 500 pp


Approx 1 hours

Famous For:

Islamic architecture with unique Awadh touch

Beyond the Rumi Daiwaza to its west stand the fascinating Hussainabad or Chhota Imarnbara, a monument that can be pride of any place. Built by Muhammad Ali Shah as a mausoleum for himself, it is set amidst a well laid out garden with a raised water reservoir before it. Two replicas of the Taj Mahal flank this Imambara where also lie buried the remains of Muhammad Ali Shah, his daughter Zinat Asuja and her husband. The main building of Chhota Imambara is a domed structure with numerous turrets and minarets. The arcade on the exterior of the Imathbara proper is adorned with verses in Arabic-Quranic quotations and various geometric and arabesque designs in white on a black background. Chandeliers, gilted mirrors, colourrul stucco and tazia in sandal wood, wax, gilt paper and zari adorn the interior.

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