The beautiful town of Thattekad is popular for the most beautiful bird reserve of India 'Salim Ali Bird Reserve'. Thattekad is one of the best places to discover the different varieties of birds and some animals. This wonderful place is located on Njiyapilli Hill and is mainly famous as Salim Ali Birds Reserve, named after the great Ornithologist, Dr. Salim Ali. This sanctuary was established in 1983 by the Government of Kerala, as per the recommendation of Dr. Salim Ali. This is India's most popular bird sanctuary and houses about 280 rare species of land and water birds.

Thattekad lies in thick forest and is a regular tourist attraction for people who eagerly await, relax and love bird watching in an absolutely serene and peaceful environment. This beautiful destination is located on the bank of the Periyar River, which fulfills the water need of hundreds of bird species and other animals. One can discover rare birds like Barbet Crimson-throated, Bee-eater, Sunbird, Shrike, Black Winged Kite and Night Heron in this exquisite forest. Some people can enjoy the bamboo rafting here and explore the lake and the surrounding areas to catch a glimpse of beautiful two-winged creatures traveling through the Himalayan country or other countries. There is not much to see in Thattekad except the bird reserve, however, people like to stay here to enjoy the enchanting views of the Sanctuary and the Periyar River, which is one of the most beautiful and the longest rivers Of Kerala.

The best time to visit this sanctuary is between October and April, as this is the time when many migratory birds travel to this place and settle until they fly to a different land.

Important Species of Birds in the Sanctuary

The Salim Ali Bird Park is home to Thattekad Swallow Wood Cendrée, Oriole Led Black, Tail Ash, Ashly Drongo, Drongo Tanned, Kingfisher Blue , Jacana Bronze Wing, Ceylon Frogmouth, Creed Peak, Capped Armband, Variable Falcon Eagle, Chestnut Lee Bee-eater, Coucal, Dollar Bird, Green Pigeon, Eurasian, Loriot Yellow, Raquet Largest Tracking Drongo, Lora, Orange Miniveter, White Breasted Peak, Jungle Mainate, Common Mainate, Indian Pita, Jerdons Nighthawk, Indian Cuckoo, Yellow-eyebrow Nightingales, Fish Archers, Sunbird, Shrike and many more.

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