Bhanwar Vilas Palace

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Bhanwar Vilas Palace, Baghi Khana, Karauli, Rajasthan


Premium Heritage Hotel – manged by Royal family

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Iconic monument of Karauli

The City Palace of Karauli is known as Bhanwar Vilas Palace. Planned as a European construction by the Maharaja himself, the palace was converted into a heritage hotel by the current royal family of Karauli. Bhanwar Vilas Palace is an architecturally magnificent building, beautifully decorated and laden with history. Amazing, huge, stunning and unlike anything, Bhanwar Vilas Palace is being restored slowly by the current prince who lives nearby. Watching sunset from the top of the palace offers an incredible view. This palace, still in possession of the royal family, has the best preserved artwork. Another important aspect of this architectural gem is that it’s a cluster of several palaces built around the oldest palace. Every ‘maharaja’ built his own palace around the first palace and, thus, they reflect uniquely different styles of each. Bhanwar Vilas Palace is definitely a hidden gem that deserves to be more widely known and appreciated.

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