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India Tour packages are best way to explore India. Going to India is a journey of experience. The world of tourism is divided into two- those who have been to India and can't wait to get back, and those who have never been and would not dream of going. Size, diversity, beauty, the almost careless flowering of countless cultures make any visit to India a kind of continuous Cinerama which leaves you speechless, and everything appears to contribute to your confusion. India is contradictory, confusing, elusive, beyond easy description or analysis. No statement about India is wholly true. Similarly, no image or belief about India, good or bad, is wholly true. It is indisputable that India is a veritable fairyland of religions, a nation studded with temples, laced by holy rivers and graced by selfless souls who wander about in ashes seeking nirvana. Religion in India is a way of life; it is more lived than practiced. Exploring India can be exasperating & it can also be wildly exhilarating.

India has over a million square miles of scenic sights; the world’s highest mountains, most awesome rivers and most fabulous valleys. Five thousand years of continuous civilizations — some the most sophisticated of their epoch — have left us a legacy of temples, monuments, palaces and sculptural masterpieces of inimitable aesthetic grandeur. A bewildering variety of races, religions, cultures, languages and customs was produced by this uninterrupted historic process. And yet all these have somehow produced a unity of cultural traditions and a modern nation. And all this is now easy of access to every traveler for study and enjoyment. India’s strongest attraction lies in an unmatched interplay of contrasts. Nowhere do the past and present coexist in more colorful promiscuity. Folklore, native arts, traditional events abound. A prodigious diversity of dress and manners keep the tourists aware of a different world. A sightseer or fun- seeker, photographer or sportsman, mountaineer archeologist or anthropologist will all find incomparable rewards in a visit to incredible India.

India is a country of continental proportion and home to extraordinary diversity. Indians are a rich mahogany colour, others are as fair as Western Europeans. A few are rich and powerful, most are poor but the land is so fertile that its wealth consistently defies the birth rate. India produces everything from cashew nuts to railway engines and nuclear energy, and India's star was rising most Europeans still lived in caves. India is magnificent, breathtaking, utterly exhausting and quite unforgettable. Approach India without prejudices and preconceived notions and India will embrace you, look at you, evaluate you, turn you inside out and you will never be same person again. Therefore, visiting and experiencing India in one go and in a single tour is well-nigh impossible. But, some of major aspects of Indian culture and heritage can be explored by opting for specific India holiday packages. Our India tour packages, classified on the basis of special interests and regions, have been put under several heads like First-time India tour packages, Rajasthan tour packages, Golden Triangle tour packages, Taj Mahal tour packages, Kerala tour packages etc. These India tour itineraries have been designed to make your India travel a lifetime experience.

Our travel experts are adept in customizing package tours in India to a tourist’s unique expectations with added advantages like cost-optimization, seamless travel, safety and practical & positive suggestions. India tour packages can be tailor-made as per duration, destinations, regions, special interests (themes), festivals, pilgrimages, pace, mood, cultural diversity, wildlife etc. India travel packages unfold many exotic aspects of Indian lineage. India is vast, diverse, colorful and stunningly rich in heritage & history. Incredible India is the cradle of the earliest civilization on the earth; note chess, modular houses, number, cosmology, mathematics, science, surgery, Yoga, Ayurveda etc were born in India. Culturally India is so rich that every morning has a ritual and every night offers an ancestral recipe to cure the ailments of the body & soul.

Every area of India has a different charm, ranging from imposing & magnanimously carved temples to spirituality-laden monks. The given India tours, segregated and segmented under various heads, can be customized and tailor-made to individual choices. Amazing places to visit (tourist destinations), diverse landscape, breathtaking attractions, colorful culture, exotic way of life, rich wildlife, religious & spiritual rituals and cuisines form part of India tourism and thus India tours. The duration based India trips have been segmented into four categories – day tour packages in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Goa, Mumbai etc; week-long (2-7 Days) tours; two week (8-15 Days) tour packages; month long (16-30 Days) India tour packages and 30+ Days tours. Further popular categorization of India travel has been done on the basis of special interest (theme) tour packages – Golden Triangle, honeymoon, wildlife, cultural heritage, beaches etc. Numerous tourist destinations with fascinating monuments & repertoire of surprises and delights motivate to design India tour packages by destinations. India transforms. Visit India with open mind, observe cultural differences and allow your senses absolute flexibility to soak in vagaries of Indian way of life. Broadly, the holiday packages of India have been classified in three major regions - North, South & Central. In addition to it, India Nepal tours are also on offer.

As a tourist, don't try to understand India. It would take two lifetimes to do that. Just let India flow over you. In India everything is a contradiction: confusion on the surface, noise and secretiveness, mixed with an almost total lack of privacy. India is often exasperating and always absolutely fascinating. All this, plus all pervasive spirituality which is not necessarily religious but simply the product of a detachment which is uniquely and typically Indian. Come and feel every bit of it and more with our India tour packages. Modern infrastructure, intact heritage and friendly people make India tour a fascinating experience.

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