Osian Tour Packages

Osian tour packages are most liked by the travelers who are interested in exploring glorious history, rich heritage, colorful culture, desert lifestyle and religious monuments. Osian is located near Jodhpur, the Blue City of Rajasthan. An oasis in the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, it has a group of Hindu & Jain temples built around the eighth century, lending it the status of a major Jain pilgrimage center. Some of the temples have inscriptions dating back to 783 AD. It is believed that the previous inhabitants of Osian were Nagas, that is, serpent worshipers and were later converted into Jain religion.

Osian tour is a journey through the mesmerizing historical saga. Mostly part of Rajasthan tour Packages, Osian is visited while travelling between Jodhpur & Jaisalmer. For the Jain faithful, Osian tour is part of a pilgrimage travel. Osian was an important center of pilgrimage between the eighth and ninth centuries. History also confirms that Osian was a large and prosperous city in the early medieval times. Influence of the Brahmins was very strong in Osian during that period. Later, Jainism also flourished in the place. This was the main reason for the construction of many Hindu and Jain temples in the place. At the time of the construction of the temples between the eighth and twelfth centuries, Gurjara Pratihara dynasty reigned in Osian. In antiquity, it was known as Osian Ukeshpur.

Single & multi-day Osian tours are available from Jodhpur. Osian has a cluster of sixteen Jain and Vaishnav temples of great archaeological significance belonging to the fifth century BC. A group of eleven temples belonging to the eighth and ninth centuries are located within the Osian village. Another group dating from the eleventh and twelfth century is situated on a hill overlooking the village. Depending upon a tourist’s interest, overnight stay in a tented camp can be organized to enjoy the desert landscape and cultural colors.

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