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Gaya, respectfully called by the Hindu faithful as Gaya Ji, is one of the holiest places in India. Primarily, Gaya tour packages are shraddha & pind daan-centric. Gaya, just seven miles north of Bodhgaya, is second only to Varanasi in sanctity to the Hindus. It is here that the devout practice the equivalent of “Honor thy father and thy mother”; but after parents’ death. Pilgrims come from all over India to offer pindas (funeral cakes) for the peace of the departed souls. This offering is essential — the ritual is complicated as in most Hindu worship — to relieve the dead of all earthly bondage and send them free to heaven. The center of the pilgrimage is the Vishnupad temple (present structure built in 18th century) in whose sanctum, sunk into a silver basin in the pavement are Lord Vishnu’s footprints. Half a mile to the west is Bramanjuni Hill which is climbed by a flight of 1000 stone steps. If you can take the climb to the temple at the top you will have a good view of Gaya and the top of Bodhgaya’s spire peeping over the treetops.

For a pilgrim, a trip to Gaya is a religious tour. Shraddha, tarpan & pind daan for the ancestors are performed by the pilgrims as per the guidance of Brahma Kalpit Brahmins. But for a curious tourist, the historical heritage, cultural practices and religious sites are comprised in a Gaya tour itinerary. Among prominent places to visit in Gaya are Vishnupad Temple, Pret Shila, Ram Shila, Phalgu River etc.

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Varanasi Gaya Prayagraj Pind Daan Tour

Varanasi - Gaya - Bodh Gaya - Prayagraj

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