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Jim Corbett National Park Tour Packages are highly popular among the wildlife enthusiasts. Tourists, eager to observe flora & fauna in a natural setup, Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary offers opportunity to explore variegated bio-diversity of the region. With an intent to protect natural life, the government has opened several sanctuaries in the Himalayas out of which Jim Corbett National Park in the Terai of Himalayas is most famous & is internationally well-known. The Corbett National Park is situated in Path Doon, the valley of river Ram Ganga. At the decline of the Mughal power in India, Path Doon was the meeting ground of the clashing interests of the Rohillas. This area of historical significance came into importance in 1935 when Sir John Hewitt, Governor of U. P. indicated that tigers were in plentiful in the area adjoining Path Doon. In 1935, the Government of United Provinces built the Hailey National Park after the name of the Governor of United Provinces of Agra and Awadh, Sir Malcolm Hailey. The park was renamed Ramganga National Park in 1948 and in 1957, the name of the park was changed, to Jim Corbett National Park . The park covers an area of 528.8 sq. kilometer and lies at an altitude of 400 meter. The tourists from national capital region find solace and adventure in weekend tours to Corbett National Park . Many a times, Jim Corbett National Park Tour happens to be a part of longer duration and multi-destinations Uttarakhand Tour Packages

A variety of animals and birds can be seen in the Jim Corbett National Park. With little luck one can see the elephant, tiger, panther, beer, large Indian antelope, sambhar, spotted deer, barking deer, wild boar, monkeys, porcupine, mongoose, crocodile, ghariyal (long snouted crocodile) and pythons. The jungle noise mixed with the roar of lions speaks of the richness and variety of fauna. Birds of different variety sing in a crescendo and then abruptly stop off creating a resonant silence. The occasional call of the pea fowl pierces the still night to great distances. At times peculiar laughter of the hyena is heard. At intervals, the colony of monkeys kicks up a deafening noise. One can perceive the panther on the prowl, shaking the trees, the violent movement of the colony to the higher branches gain momentum as the big cat comes near and then as the tiger leaves the ground the noise slows down. A variety of birds can also be seen in the Jim Corbett National Park. A guide is very useful to help identify the birds and beasts. Some of the prominent birds that are seen at the park are babbler, bulbul, crow, pheasant, paradise, fly catcher, flower pecker, golden wood pecker, hornbill, snipe, robin, magpie, lark, oriole, pea-cock, laughing-thrush, quail, sand piper, wrbler, white stork (Haji lak lak), scavenger, vulture, black patridge, Himalayan wood owl, common hawk, cuckoo or the brown fever bird (pipiha). Enjoy all this on Corbett tour packages.

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Corbett Tiger Safari with Birding Tour

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