Chitrakoot Tour Packages

Chitrakoot Tour Packages are part of pilgrimages tour packages in India. Chitrakoot is one of the religious places for the Hindus. Though the district of Chitrakoot lies in Uttar Pradesh but many of the religious sites span over to adjoining area of Madhya Pradesh too. Among the holy places related to Lord Ram, Chitrakoot is one of the most important and prominent religious places. The hill, which is the object of at least once in life time pilgrimage for most Hindus, is known as Kamta Nath, and the name Chitrakoot is applied to the hill, the circumbulate (parikrama) and the locality generally. The hill is said to have attained its greatest sanctity in Tretayug when Ram, Sita and Lakshman lived here, after their exile from Ayodhya. Kalidas has mentioned Chitrakoot as the heaven of the love-lorn Yaksha and he alludes to its location on the bank of the Mandakini in the neighbourhood of Panchavati.

Chitrakoot tour itinerary includes many of the tourist attractions. Around the base of the hill is a terrace, on which pilgrims perform the ceremony of ‘parikrama’. A huge fair is also organized here on every Amavasya. There are about three dozen places of worship dedicated to various deities, situated on the low surrounding hills, on the river banks, and in the valley and plains at the foot of the hill, all of which are connected with ceremonies of pilgrimage performed at Chitrakoot. Seven of these places, namely Kottirth, Diwan Ganna, Hanuman Dhara, Sphatakshila, Sati Ansuya, Gupt-Godavari and Bharat Kup are much frequented by devout Hindus, who go through the ceremonies of bathing, meditation, and worship at each of them.

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