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Jaipur is the palette of royal colors and Jaipur Day Tour Packages unfold those aspects of vibrant cultural heritage. Jaipur day tours are many and address every guest’s unique interests and demands. Jaipur, the princely city, is abundantly blessed with royal inheritance. Popularly known as the "pink city", it is located in the most colorful desert in the world, Rajasthan. Planned well, the city was once the home of raja-maharajas. Jaipur is a city that was built in pink stucco to imitate the sandstone.

In 1905, and after the visit of the Prince of Wales, it was decided to paint the buildings of the pink city. Since then, the pink is considered a symbol of the hospitality of Jaipur. The city is divided into six clusters or neighborhoods, separated by avenues of about 34 meters wide. In fact, the city of Jaipur is built in the form of the ninth part of the Mandala, known as "Pithapada". Nine means the nine planets of the ancient astrological zodiac. Jai Singh II was known as a great astronomer and certainly also as a great urban planner. In addition, the designed shopping centers were multiples of nine, 27 were designed, and a street crossing was designed for each planet.

In the nineteenth century, the city prospered and grew considerably. Its wide streets were paved and lit with gas. The city had several hospitals and the industry of metal and marble arose. Art schools were promoted and had three colleges of higher education including one for women that began under the reign of the enigmatic Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II. There was also a thriving bank, which was mostly run by the Jain community and the Marwaris.

Optima Travels conducts Jaipur Day Tours from Delhi. If you want to see the royal legacy of the glorious past, Jaipur has a lot to hypnotize you. Come to this enchanting land and discover its rich cultural heritage. This city is a great testimony to the royalty and chivalry of Rajasthan. The locals here are welcoming and are well known for their deeply rooted traditions and colorful attires. The architectural beauty of Jaipur can be best seen in its popular structures: City Palace reflects the beauty of amalgam of Rajput and Mughal architecture. It is an assortment of several magnificent rooms such as Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Diwan-e-Aam and Diwan-e-Khas. The beauty of Hawa Mahal lies in its architectural design. It has more than 900 windows. This red-colored structure was built especially for the royal ladies to allow them to see the life of the city through the windows without being themselves seen. Jantar Mantar, the largest stone observatory in the world, is truly a wonder in itself. It is dotted with several stone instruments that serve to measure various astronomical phenomena. Located on a hill, Nahargarh Fort is a beautiful structure that overlooks the Man Sagar Lake. Magnificent Amber Fort is a great fusion of Rajput and Mughal architectural styles. The superb interiors of the fort are adorned with paintings, amazing sculptures and work of semi-precious stone.

Jaipur has infrastructures that often surpass those of such important cities as Delhi or Kolkata. They are continuously expanding and have become a very important point in the development of Rajasthan. Jaipur has an airport although it is not equipped for excessive traffic, although it is used for some international flights. Today, Jaipur enjoys one of the best infrastructures in computer technology. Famous companies such as Genpact, Infosys, IBM or Wipro have acquired land and are already operating in the area.

Jaipur exports materials such as brass, gems, precious stones, jewelry, granite tiles, handmade fabrics, clothing in general, marble figures or wool and silk carpets. Jaipur is famous for its "Rajais". They are light quilts filled with cotton very colorful and with different designs. They are reputed to shelter, besides not just weighing and lasting a long time. They can be found in the shops of the markets and do not forget to haggle

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