Gupt Godavari Chitrakoot

Gupt Godavari Chitrakoot
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Gupt Godavari, Satna, Madhya Pradesh

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Open on all days


7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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2-3 hr

Famous For :

Ram Darbar, Sita Kund & Gupt Godavari

Gupt Godavari, located 19 km from Ram Ghat & 6 km from Sati Anusuya Ashram, is a must-visit pilgrimage site in Chitrakoot Dham. This is where Ram, Sita & Lakshman lived during their long years of exile. It is surrounded by forests. Gupt Godavari is a two caves cluster – one cave is high and broad with narrow entrance while the other cave is long & narrow. There are two perennial streams of water. The incessant flow of water has helped shape Gupt Godavari caves in the present form. As per the archaeologists, the antiquity of the caves dates back to nine and half (9.5 lakh) lakh years ago. The first stream emerges from the higher cave and flows into a pool called Sita Kund. It is hardly 16 yards from the entrance. Another stream originates from the second cave, also called Jalwahi cave. The cave closes narrowly. Where the cave gets closed, a continuous flow of water emerges from the rocks inside. After flowing some distance, the water stream gets disappeared near a ‘pipal’ tree into the rocks. The water may have temperature of 12 to 14 degree Celsius. Both the water streams emerge from the caves and disappear forever therein. It is a strange phenomenon which has always bewildered tourists and has also led to this place being named as Gupt Godavari.

A mammoth rock is seen protruding from the roof of the cave. People call it 'knocking thief'. It is believed as the remains of demon Mayank who dared to steal Sita’s clothes and was killed by Lakshman. As per the legend, Sita used to take bath here. The cave has a shrine dedicated to Suiya Mata, Sita’s sister. The cave has a natural second floor where a shrine has been erected to the ‘Paap-mochan Shila’ (the rock that vanquishes the evil).The bigger of these caves also displays two stone carved thrones related to Lord Rama and Lakshman. It is believed that during their exile, Lord Ram along with his brother Lakshman held a court in this cave. Here is situated Ram Darbar Temple with idols of Ram, Sita & Lakshaman on a raised platform. There is an opening directly above it ensuring sunlight to permeate through. There is a Panch-mukhi Shivaling (five-faced phallus statue) at the entrance.

A large number of pilgrims visit Gupt Godavari every day. It should be visited during day time. These caves are home to a large number of bats, though these bats don’t harm any devotee. Tourists’ friendly amenities have been created by the government. A Chitrakoot tour without visiting Gupt Godavari is incomplete. Both caves are wet all year round. Visits during monsoon or winter are not recommended. The ceilings have intricate patterns, which gives one the impression that a master craftsman was at work here, which, of course, is true in away, for who can craft better than Nature?

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