This ancient capital of the glorious Magadha Empire is 103 kms from Patna and 19 kms from Nalanda.

Rajgir—the name derived from Rajagriha, the home of the king has a bewitching surrounding. Among the ruins to be seen are those of a fort, a chariot-track, baths, stupas and mansions. The Buddhist texts speak of two groves that were the Buddha's favourite retreats, and a hillock, Griddhrakuta, which he often climbed. The sites of the groves and the hillock have been located.

An aerial ropeway takes travellers to a marble stupa built by the Japanese Buddhists. Three kilometers away are the hot sulphur springs. The first Buddhist council, immediately after the Mahaparinirvana of Buddha was convened here at the Saptaparni cave. Lord Mahavira also spent 14 years here. Nearby are Saptadhara and Makhdum Kund hot springs.

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