At a Glance
674 km2
Geo Location
Average Climate
10°C - 30°C
Best time to visit
July to September

Bera, a village to be declared as Leopard Sanctuary, is a large historic village located in the Pali district of Rajasthan. Lying in the Jawai region, Bera is popular for the historic castle, now converted into a heritage hotel, as well as for the rocky countryside which is a natural habitat for hundreds of panthers. Only few kilometers from here is a huge dam known as Jawai Dam. Here you can explore thousands of waterfowl and the large population of crocodiles. Now-a- days there are many options for accommodation for the tourists in Bera. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance.

Things to do in Jawai (Bera)

A safari to observe panthers is the fascinating adventure in Bera village. The possibility of spotting panthers is maximum in this region around Jawai Dam. The rocky hills dominate the area which offers the perfect shelter for this species of cat. Their movement can easily be traced. All hotels in the Jawai area offer the safari in a jeep to explore the countryside and see the panthers from a very close distance. A tourist can also visit the villages of the Rabari community to see their harmonious life with nature.

In addition to jeep safari, a tourist can visit Jawai Dam. Plan an excursion to the Jawai Dam. Here one will see thousands of native birds as well as migratory birds. Also, also one can see a large number of crocodiles on the bank of the dam.

When to visit Bera?

During the rainy season there is a thick vegetation cover everywhere. It is not possible to explore the wildlife during monsoon season. At this time, the possibility of spotting the panthers is very less. High humidity and emergence of large number of insects during rainy days make the place less hospitable. However from October onwards, one can easily travel to the countryside and also the climate is very pleasant. Although the temperature is high in the summer, the possibility of seeing the wild animals is high. So the best time to explore the Jawai area is between October and June.

Top Things to Do in Bera