Tourist Attractions in Badrinath

The greatest attraction of the place is definitely Badrinath Temple. Other than Badrinath Temple, there are numerous other fascinating and vital spots that can be visited too in Badrinath. Among the famous tourist attractions in Badrinath town are Bhim Pul, Mana, Mata Murti Temple & Vyas Cave. Most of the attractions find mention in various legends.

Vyas Gupha (Vyas Cave), Vasudhara, Bhimshila (Bhimpul), Narad and Surya Kunds are other sacred and worth seeing places in the near surroundings of the temple. Vasudhara is a famous waterfall (about 123 mtrs.) almost perpendicular but gives a wonderful and picturesque view. A huge stone slab covering a narrow gorge of Saraswati is called as Bhimshila as it is said that Bhima placed this slab on the gorge of the river to help Pandavas to cross the stream on their way to heaven. The hot water springs of Narada kund and Surya kund are the bathing resorts for pilgrims.

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