Radhasoami Dayalbagh Temple Agra

Dayal Bag
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Radhasoami Satsang, Dayalbag, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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Open on all days


04:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Satsang Timings:

Morning Satsang – 3:45 AM
Evening Satsang – 3:45 PM

Entry Fees:



1- 2 Hours

Significance :

Exotic place for experience seekers & photographers

Agra , known during Mahabharata age as Agravana, later on came to be recognized as the seat of Mughal monuments. The mention of Agra itself takes us to the epic Taj Mahal, the Mughlai dishes, and entire kingship period of the Mughal. But, some of the less noticed things in Agra are the temples of the place. One of the very famous and oldest temples of Agra is Dayalbagh Temple. The other name of this 116 years old temple is Soamibagh Temple. Eight km away from Agra city, Dayal Bagh is the headquarters of the Radha Soami sect. It is a self-sufficient colony. The tomb of their master is a highly impressive monument. Dayal Bag is a tribute to the founder of Radha Soami faith. Devout followers believe in the service to humanity that purifies the soul. This huge and magnificent temple complex should be on a tourist’s list of top places to visit in Agra. The name Dayalbagh is derived from the name of the garden of the merciful lord. Now, it is also called Soamibagh Temple as it houses ‘samadhi’ of Swamiji Maharaj, the founder of Radha Soami faith. The samadhi of the guru is at the basement of the temple. This is a very famous temple of Sant Satguru, the 8 th Satguru who used to stay here for all his ‘satsangs’. The chief working committee (the people who take care of the temple complex) is known as Radhasoami Satsang Sabha. Followed by a large number of people across India, Radhasoami faith is not a religion but a sect led by various satgurus. This is why, the shrine is also called Radhasoami Temple.

At Dayal Bagh, the devotees’ services bear fruit in an edifice as spectacular as the Taj Mahal. Built in white and color marble, it is continuously being decorated for more than 100 years now with extra-ordinary feats in stone and gems. Soamibagh Temple is a very old temple. Its construction is continuing since last 116 years. Owing to this, it is also called as the ever construction temple. The construction of the temple began in 1904 AD. The construction of the temple is going on since its inception due to a belief that as long as the construction continues, the faith and sect will thrive. But many disagree with this belief. Satish Chauhan, the security head of the Soamibagh Temple said “There were delays because of the kind of work needed here. When a worker engraving the marble by hand made a mistake, the entire block, no matter how much of it was finished, had to be discarded. That was a major reason for the delay. Now we use machines for engraving so the work is faster”. But, some of the stories still say that there are 20 more years for the completion of this temple’s construction. This is one of the famous historic sites of the Agra city. The temple complex is a huge building of 110 feet height. White and coloured marbles have been used for the construction of the temple. The white marble is bought from Makrana, Rajasthan. The temple complex has numerous pillars along with fine pietra dura inlay work on the inner walls. The temple has now become legendary not only because of its ever continuing construction but also for its status of over 115 years. Not only a lot of workers but several generations of workers have contributed in its construction over the years. Owing to this, the temple has enough variations in the architectural styles.

The Dayalbagh community was founded on the first day of Vasant (season of spring). Sir Anand Swarup who was the 5 th revered ruler of the Radhasoami faith founded this colony. This is an ashram for the people who follow this faith. By planting mulberry trees, the faithful proceed on spiritual path of self-realization. During initial days, the residents were the ones who built this colony by contributing money and voluntary labour. It was supposed to be a social service. The temple complex, not just a temple but self sustained society, is home for the disciples of the satgurus. They live an active, disciplined and co-operative community life. Within the temple complex, the devotees are taught about various spiritual ideas and led onto the path of a spiritual life. The community of the temple has various affiliated educational institutes like Dayalbagh Educational Institute, affiliated to Dayalbagh University.

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